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The Delta Live & Alex Boshke Set plus Argy Echosense & Iraklis Mindphaser

18.03.2013, 14:01

IT Present:
The Delta Live & Alex Boshke Set plus Argy Echosense & Iraklis Mindphaser Back to the Past Set
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THE DELTA- LIVE (Boshke Beats/Perc Trax/Nachtstrom Shallplatten)
First work

Muller was educated as a sound engineer. Maichel was a musician familiar with Techno and Reggae, and was already making electronic music in 1986. In 1989 the pair first met when Marcus was having problems with his PC and someone sent Jan to help fix it. That same year they teamed up to work on a session together. Their first work concentrated on a sound similar to Techno with some hip hop elements which got some material released on Tunnel Records.During the early 1990s they were first introduced to the trance scene in Hamburg and decided to switch their music to this genre.

From 1993 they began releasing several singles on the Hamburg label Tunnel Records, as X-Dream and under many aliases, such as The Pollinator. Two albums followed on Tunnel Records, Trip To Trancesylvania and We Created Our Own Happiness, which were much closer to the original formula of psychedelic trance, although featuring the unmistakable "trippy" early X-Dream sound.In October 1996 X-Dream reached an agreement with the new UK trance label Blue Room Released.

Working with Blue Room, they released the famous single "The Frog" (featuring authentic frog sound samples from Mexico) and contributed the track "No" on the Trip Through Sound compilation.In 1997 both started experimenting with side projects, Marcus' The Delta project released the single "As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling", which became widely played by many top trance DJs including Mark Allen. Jan began Children of Paradise, also releasing on Blue Room. They also remixed several tracks for other artists including Koxbox and the Saafi Brothers.


In 1998 they released their most celebrated album Radio and two new singles, "Brain Forest" and "Radiohead". Instead of complex melodies familiar in prior Goa trance releases the Radio album featured a more Industrial, darker, feel where the melody would become apparent only after several listens. In their review of the album described the track "Electromagnetic" as a "robotic orgasm sequence".[1] The basslines were also harder in many of the tracks, making the music very Danceable. The trend set by "Radio" continued with the Irritant release on the Global Trance Network label in 2002, solidifying the X-Dream sound as a more electro/Techno sound, and sold out all the copies within only a few days of the first printing.

Latest albumThe latest X-Dream album, We Interface, includes vocals from Tennessee singer Ariel (Jan's wife). The lyrics are actually her poetry, written ahead of the album. The album has a very much Industrial sound and is in some ways similar to the work of Kraftwerk. The lyrics deal with subjects such as Technology, censorship, cyberspace, cloning and robotics. ActuallySince 2006 Marcus has been concentrating in some projects: The Delta, Desonanz & Ministry of Primitive Arts with a new flesh style that sounds like an Industrial detroit Techno.


Children Of The Last Generation (Tunnel Records 1993)
The Frog (Blue Room Released 1996)
Radiohead (Blue Room Released 1998)


Trip To Trancesylvania (Tunnel Records 1993)
We Created Our Own Happiness (Tunnel Records 1995)
Radio (Blue Room Released 1998)
Irritant (Global Trance Network 2002)
We Interface (Solstice Music International 2004)


Trip To Trancesylvania - In The Mix (Tunnel Records 1996) - A re-release of the 1993 album.
Panic in Paradise (Tunnel Records 2000) - A compilation of early Tunnel Record single.
The Best 1991-2001 (Solstice Music International 2006)
We Interface - The Mixes (Solstice Music International 2007)

As Children of Paradise

Alien Nation EP (Blue Room Released 1997)
Urban Alien (Nova Tekk Records 1999)
Alien Nation part 3 EP (M.A.S.H Records 2000)

ALEX TOLSTEY [Boshke Beats/Triangle Eyes/The Rockitmen]

Head of A&R and The Boshke dj, he is the main man for the everything which is happening with Boshke Beats artistically and technically. He is also managing and running the LocoSun Promotions agency dedicated for helping very talented and unknown new artists to grow and to be well established in the Techno scene worldwide


Iraklis Mindphaser started djing in 1991 playing breakbeat and Techno from vinyl records in small Athens parties. In 1992 he played at his first big party,Special Grooves of DJs(800 people open air party).In 1994 he created his first party team,called Rave Crew,with whom he organised a number of parties. By the end of 1996,after finishing a sound engineering school,he started working for Floorfiller Productions in the production department.

Apart from the valuable knowledge he gained,he also had the opportunity to play with famous dj's like Paul Oakenfold,Sasha,Nick Warren,Alex Neri(Planetfunk),Dave Ralph etc.During the years 1997-8 he played in the biggest Athenian clubs (+Soda, Camel, Playroom) and was resident DJ of the Cream and Renaissance parties(popular London based parties)that took place in Greece for the first time(Corfu, Crete, Athens, Salonica).In 1998 he started Mindphaser Music Trips,from which he got his nickname.

Since 2000 he has been resident dj and the main organiser of 205+ Natural High events,which have been an opportunity for both famous like Infected Mushroom,Juno Reactor,Hallucinogen,Ethnica,Raja Ram,Skazi,Total Eclipse,Talamasca,Orion,Joti,Electric Universe,Neuromotor,KoxBox,M.W.N.N. + more.... and less known artists to play psytrance for the vivid audiences of Natural High.Natural High has also collaborated with Void Network, Loopsnoo Recs,Exposure Productions A.K.

Iraklis Mindphaser has played in many festivals such as Sola Luna Festival 2002,E-FOS 2001, Electro Free Festivals 2,3,4,5-10, Kaiafas Int. Festival 2004, Samothraki 2005,Legalize Fest 06+07+08+10+11+12,Butterfly Festival 2006+2007 +Aurora Festival 2008+9,Indie Free, B fest 2009+10+11,4G Festival,MCF,Hybrid Uv+more... as well as in Cyprus for Psychoactive Sounds. In 2005 a free trance fanzine called Dancephotocopy was published and it is the trance voice of Greece and Cyprus in print.Iraklis has a key role in Dancephotocopy's editing and publishing. His musical style is Psychedelic Trance/Progressive/Breakbeat and technically he mixes beat to beat.

ARGY ECHOSENSE [ IT recs /Dice Radio]

Παιδί της πόλης, άνθρωπος τη φύσης ένας ακόμα cyber hippy που ζει ανάμεσα σας. Η Trance μπήκε στο DNA μου το 1995 και μετά από δυο χρόνια ξεκίνησα να μιξάρω όπου με καλούσαν και όπου ένιωθα ευπρόσδεκτος. Trance music felt into his DNA in 1995. He began djing psychedelic trance in 1997 till now

Στις αρχές του 2001, πραγματοποίησα την πρώτη τηλεοπτική παραγωγή – μουσική εκπομπή – με τίτλο Human Pagan Stories η οποία αφορούσε αποκλειστικά την Psychedelic Trance σκηνή, στο τηλεοπτικό σταθμό Blue Sky. Ζωντανά κάθε Κυριακή βράδυ, λίγο μετά τα μεσάνυχτα οι: GOA GILL, ETNICA - Pleiadians, WIZZY Noise, JAMES MONRO, DOMINIC (Flying Rhino), THE MUSES RAPT, ELEMENT, CHRIS ORGANIC, OPSIS, TIMEWARP και πολλοί άλλοι εμφανίστηκαν για πρώτη φορά μπροστά στο τηλεοπτικό φακό.

Ι made the first television project: "HUMAN PAGAN STORIES" about Psychedelic Trance Music in 2001, at BLUE SKY tv - every Sunday night (Live) - with many guests! GOA GILL, ETNICA - Pleiadians, WIZZY Noise, JAMES MONRO, DOMINIC (Flying Rhino), THE MUSES RAPT, ELEMENT, CHRIS ORGANIC, OPSIS, TIMEWARP and many more gave exclusive interviews to "HUMAN PAGAN STORIES".

Ήμουν κομμάτι της παραγωγής του Samothraki Dance Festival ( εργάστηκα στο γραφείο τύπου) και η καλύτερη στιγμή μου ήταν το dj set στο after party του Samothraki Dance Festival 2003. Member of the SAMOTHRAKI Dance FESTIVAL project (worked @ press office) and my best music moment was the dj set @ the after party of Samothraki Dance festival 2003.

Αρχισυντάκτης: FREEZE MAGAZINE Greece
Υπεύθυνος προγράμματος / Program manager:

Κάθε Παρασκευή βράδυ 22.30 - 00.00 βρίσκομαι στον αέρα του dice radio με ανοιχτό μικρόφωνο να διηγούμαι τις δικές μου "Human Pagan Stories" κατευθείαν από τη Μέση Γη. Radio action on the mix and with "open" microphone: "Human Pagan Stories" in Middle Earth is a psychedelic delirium every Friday night, 22.30 - 00.00 at Dice Radio

Έχω πραγματοποιήσει μια διπλή συλλογή "HUMAN PAGAN STORIES" PART 1 & PART 2 με το περιοδικό Freeze. Ι had made one cd compilation: "HUMAN PAGAN STORIES" PART 1 & PART 2 with FREEZE MAGAZINE GREECE

Εμφανίσεις / Appearances: Samothraki Dance festival 2003, Aurora festival 2012 Halkidiki, Music and Culture Festival Olympia, Thermokipio (Oinofita), Legalize festival 2012 (Athens), ΑN club (Athens), Χρωμα/Chroma (Athens), People (Piraeus), Lemon (Piraeus), D Bar (Athens), Ammos (Athens), Loud (Athens), Lobby (Athens), Z-oo (Athens), Vega (Glyfada), Mad (Athens), Stereo (Athens), Goya (Athens), Mezcal (Athens), Fsi Factory (Athens), Vanilla (Athens), Second Skin (Athens), Virsodepsio (Rentis), Eprepe (Eratini), Aiora (Eratini) Ocean Drive (Galaxidi), Bollero (Galaxidi), Super Kalafatis (Galaxidi), Sokaki (Galaxidi), Eramos (Panormos), Sade (Amfissa) and others

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