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Solar Fields - Odiolab - Alkan Ruller - Fishimself

05.10.2012, 14:32

solar fields

Με το καλλιτεχνικό ψευδώνυμο Solar Fields ο Σουηδός μουσικός Magnus Birgersson έχει υπογράψει μερικά Ambient albums τα οποία ξεχωρίζουν για την έντονη οργανική τους αίσθηση, φτάνοντας σε ένα δημιουργικό αποκορύφωμα με το περσινό του «Until We Meet The Sky».

Έρχεται στην Αθήνα στις 13/10 για μια live εμφάνιση στο πλαίσιο του event Ambient Revolution το οποίο θα γίνει στο club «7 Sins». Την βραδιά πλαισιώνουν οι ODIOLAB (live), ALKAN RULLER aka ALPHA TEK (DJ set) και Fishimself (DJ set).

Εναρξη : 00:00
Είσοδος : 12euro (Με μπύρα ή κρασί)

Seven Sins Club
Θεμιστοκλέους & Γαμβέτα 5, Πλατεία Κάνιγγος, Αθήνα
Πρόσβαση : Μετρό - Στάση Ομόνοιας

SOLAR Fields Ambient & progg with new Tracks !!!

Swedish based electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields built a unique sonic universe with a constant shifting from high tech Ambient flow into broken beats, powerful sequences and fragmented loops. As a natural born multi-instrumentalist, Magnus plays the Veena, sitar, drums and guitar and is also deeply connected to any sound processing machine. Constantly exploring new musical horizons in his famous high-tech station called Studio Jupiter, Solar Fields likes to develop an evolving dream ("unfinished" as he likes to mention) and offers an intense listening experience.

The productive discography of Magnus Birgersson should be considered like a following of drifting masterpieces : 10 solo albums, 3 collaboration album with French composer Aes Dana under the name H.U.V.A. Network and more than 60 compilations features for various labels. Often classified as Ambient downtempo. Solar Fields music in fact goes further than these boundaries propulsed by his talent for sculpting hypnotic harmonics and layering sounds.In 2007 he began composing a stunning in-game score for Mirror's Edge, Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE, a new first-person action adventure game released worldwide on 14th November 2008. From the start praised to be "Poetry in motion" and one of the most exciting and innovative game, Mirror's Edge also promises to be a sonic treat for all PC, PLAYSTATION?3 and Xbox360 addicts.


Odiolab is a psychedelic project formed by Diogenes & Labros in 2005.Rock,Psychedelia,Pop,World music,New Age,Electronic and Experimental, are the musical genres they draw their influences from.Since the early 90s ,both members have, together or individualy, pursued their musical orientation through garage bands,studio work and music production as well as the human Soul Laboratory.

Cally Lampaditi, who is an early music soprano singer enriched the project in 2010, by taking on singing and vocal duties Odiolab's pefromances include : Utopian Techologies at Nosotros, Ambient Revolution 2 opening for Aes Dana and Asura, Athens Legalize protestival 2012 plus dj sets in summer dreaming gathering 3 and European music day.


Alkan was born in his hometown Serres, Greece in 1974. The late 80s - early 90s revolution of electronic music inspired him to broadcast all his enthusiasm about favourite sounds and productions throughout a continuous 12 years radio show, from 1994 to 2006. Always working towards refining his skills and technique as a dj, he has been a devoted participant at a large number of Greek gatherings, including open air festivals and indoor/outdoor parties. He was also the founder of "Psy-Opt", a short – timed but hyperactive crew of Dj's , visual artists and supporters who used to organize several local events from the beginning of 00's till 05.

His virgin contacts with music synthesis had already given birth to "Myisis", a greek psychedelic band of friends in the years 1997-98. For all the following years he would commit himself into building knowledge around music technology, collecting and recording samples. His first conscious Steps in producing came out effortlessly and most naturally after the birth of his daughter in 2006, which broadened his vision of creativity forms in music production.

As a producer he mostly enjoys seeding oldschool elements in fresh context. His latest personal piece of work under the project name "Alpha-Tek" and with a dark pagan approach can be found in Ultimae's forthcoming compilation "Ambrosia". Alkan's collaborations with other artists are also to be released at Altar & and Awakening As a chillout listener, his musical world is doomed by the melancholic psy-chill mood of CosmicLeaf Rec.

For a nightime dj set he would open with space-Ambient and ideally close with goa-Ambient. Crazy about mixing back to back 4/4 downtempo and psybient, his most beloved selections would be definitely picked from Ultimae, Altar and Awakening. He also likes to mix chill-dub/dub-reggae with strong beats from Dubmission, Interchill, Waveform & MikelaBella, especially for relaxing early afternoon sets. For the last couple of years Alkan Ruller has a Sunday live radio show at ( In his everyday life he works full time as a computers engineer running his own business since 1997. He loves familyhood and has got two children. He enjoys traveling, networking and appreciating all the simple things in life. He is an observer of the global socio-political phenomena and believes in fighting for a better world. (Fall2011)

FISHIMSELF intro set

Haris P. aka Fishimself is a dedicated Ambient activist. Owner of Freeze Magazine in Greece and IT Record shop in Athens, organiser of the first almost Ambient only festival in Europe ISLAND OF FIRE, stage and booking manager for festivals such as Aurora in Greece, and last but not least a outstanding DJ.

He creates unusual mixes of electronic music with a melancholic mood and mesmerizes the crowds with sounds of Ambient, IDM, acoustic music, sometimes breaks and downtempo trance taking them on a original journey for mind and ears. Frequent guest at the Mahamaya restaurant in Bern / Switzerland for whom he compiled the Mahamaya series compilations in 2009, Fishimself also performed at many festivals such as Sonica reloaded / Italy, Source festival / Malta, the InSpiral Lounge / UK and Magnet in Turkey/Tree of Life /Lost Theory/Hadra/Synergy U.K.

He is now collecting music for his second compilation , Ambrosia II , that will be released first Months of 2013
price: 12 euro with beer / starting 00:00

Seven Sins Club - Where impossible is nothing !!!
Θεμιστοκλέους & Γαμβέτα 5, Πλατεία Κάνιγγος, Αθήνα
Πρόσβαση : Μετρό - Στάση Ομόνοιας


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