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Συγχορδία Μινόρε
10.02.2003, 13:13
Pws apo edw prwi prwi - How from here morning morning?
Ekane glenti trikouberto - He had a three blanket party
Efage xulopita - He ate a "hilos" pie
Panw katw stis treis... - Upstairs downstairs at three...
Den pame na fame tipota? - Won't we go to eat nothing
hr8a na kopsw kinhsh - I came to cut traffic jam
Ta phra sto kranio - I toulk it to the scull
troxospito - wheel house
Me 3enerwses - you dewatered me
Pws thn eides dike mou? - How did you see her mine?
Efaga flasaki - I ate a flash
Na murisw to nuxi mou... - To smell my nail
Mou bghke o kwlos... - My ass went out
Mou anapsan ta lampakia... - My lamps are turned on
Polu mou thn mpainei - He comes in me allot
Thn ekane - He did her

Autaaaaa pros to paron
MusicHeaven Guru
13.02.2003, 20:14
ευφιέστατο !
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
10.03.2003, 04:10
I did black eyes to see you - Ekana mayra matia na se dw
Slow the eggs - Siga ta ayga
With this side to sleep - Me ayto to pleyro na koimasai
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
10.03.2003, 09:15
δως μου δύνα μη (Θεέ μου) = give me power

κι ένα κυπριακό...
όι άππαρο (που σημαίνει ναι...σιγά) = no horse
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
14.03.2003, 02:56
Ceiling therapy - Ταβανοθεραπεία
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
14.03.2003, 03:00
Greeklish tragoudi:

And i will come again to grab you from the other woman
to ask you something withh my eyes crying
Did she have the right to take you from me?
And what Sacrifice Sacfrifice Sacrifice she did for youuuuuuuu!

Ελπίζω να καταλάβατε ποιο είναι. Αν όχι...είναι αυτό που λέει (τιτλο δε ξέρω):

"Και θα'ρθω πάλι να σε αρπάξω απο την άλλη
να την ρωτήσω με τα μάτια δακρυσμένα
Με ποιο δικάωμα σε πήρε απο μένα
και ποια θυσία ποια θυσία ποια θυσία έχει κάνει αυτή για σεεεεεεεεεενα!

[ Το μήνυμα τροποποιήθηκε από:: Witchking στις 14-03-2003 03:02 ]
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
14.03.2003, 03:20
file Witchking, auto pws sou fenetai:

The invitation has fallen from my hands,
it can't be possible it can be really true,

You, that you promised me the sun the moon the stars }
now on your wedding you want me to be there } eis diploun

In front of the church...

8a mas xalaseis esy edw mesa...
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
14.03.2003, 03:36

On 2003-03-14 03:20, priftisnikolaos wrote:
file Witchking, auto pws sou fenetai:

The invitation has fallen from my hands,
it can't be possible it can be really true,

You, that you promised me the sun the moon the stars }
now on your wedding you want me to be there } eis diploun

In front of the church...

8a mas xalaseis esy edw mesa...

ΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑ! Πολύ καλό! Και τραγουδιέται άνετα!!!

[ Το μήνυμα τροποποιήθηκε από:: Witchking στις 14-03-2003 03:37 ]
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
14.03.2003, 11:31
xaxaxaxaxax!!! polu gelio...
Βασική Νότα
17.03.2003, 15:28
You are definitely a Greek if:
* You can distinguish between kefalotiri and kefalograviera
* You can spell kefalograviera
* You are an adult and you are forced to be with your family at midnight on New Years Eve
* Your grandmother (mother/aunt) has a miracle cure for everything
* Your mother (father) still feels the need to tell you, "katse kala" in public
* You have ever been hit with a pandofla
* You can dance kalamatiano, tsamiko, and zebekiko without music
* At every point in your life were not talking to at least one family member
* You must name your children after your in-laws
* You have at least 5 Maria's and 9 Dimitri's in your family as a result of the above
* You have ever heard the phrase, "Sto leo yia to kalo sou"
* You have a bottle of OUZO in your house right now
* You know what a komboloi is
* You know how to work a komboloi
* You have been threatened to be eaten by the baboola/yero/pontiki when you were little
* Someone in your family owns any type of restaurant
* Your family inheritance includes olive trees
* You can't understand why McDonald's rejected your idea for the "Mc Feta" sandwich
And the final test:
* Are you working me?
* You changed my lights.
* I did her from hand.
* Welcome my eyes the two.
* I've played them!
* I made her lottery!
* I stayed bone!
* I saw the Christ soldier.
* It happened the come to see.
* Like the unfair curse.
* Something's running down to the gypsies.
* It didn't sit on us.
* He gives her to me.
* It breaks her to me.
* You owe me your horns.
* Who pays the bride?
* I don't know Christ.
* He doesn't understand Christ.
* Your mind and a pound and the painter's brush.
* It rains chair legs.
* I don't have face to come out in society.
* How from here morning morning?
* I don't know my blindness.
* I see it pale.
* This is dewatered!
* You are for the festivals.
* I don't chew.
* Does the goat chew taramas?
* Slow the cabbages!
* Catch the egg and mow it.
* Are we gluing coffee pots?
* Marrows drums!
* Marrows with the origan.
* I made them salad - I made them sea.
* We became robes - Robe unbuttoned!
* He ate bunch.
* I throw you to the ears.
* Shit high and gaze!
* Milk rabbits and mow turtles.
* Holy Mary's eyes.
* I take them to the skull.
* Whatever you remember you are glad.
* Are you asking and the change from over?
* We confused our thighs.
* He farted me.
* Of the gay.
* She's taking him.
* The bad your weather!
* With this side to sleep.
* Your eye the crosseyed!
* I am dogbored.
* We did black eyes to see you
* Like the snooooows!
* He made us the three two.
* I took my three.
* You are a shopping.
* Shit and fromshit.
* At the end they shave the groom.
* To say the figs figs and the tub tub!
* You reckon without the hotel owner.
* The madness doesn't go to the mountains.
* Better your eye goes out than
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
17.03.2003, 17:07
kai ena akoma: the neadle is glued=kollhse h belona
02.06.2003, 16:28

17-03-2003 στις 15:28, Dimitrios wrote:
You are definitely a Greek if:

Καλό!!! Μου θύμισε το "Γάμος αλά Ελληνικά"!

[ Το μήνυμα τροποποιήθηκε από:: Elen στις 02-06-2003 16:37 ]
Συγχορδία Ματζόρε
02.06.2003, 21:16
μια περιοδο με ενα φιλο μου καναμε συνεχεια τετοιες"μεταφρασεις"!
πολυ γελοιες!!!
δεν θυμαμαι αν διαβασα το :he made my face meat=μου κανε τη μουρη κρεας
Περαστική Νότα
03.06.2003, 06:05
Kai allo ena klassiko...I'll fix you=tha se ftiaksw egw...opws to exw akousei apo Ellhnoamerikanous!!!!
Περαστική Νότα
03.06.2003, 10:41
Ante kai ena tragoudaki
etsi gia na erthoume sto tsakir kefi
vre paidi mou......opa!!!!!

One fire one flame
I have inside my heart
like the magic you have done me
Fragosiriani sweet heart………
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
03.06.2003, 17:13
Sometimes Budah sometimes Kouda
sometimes Jesus, Judas
I already understand the game of my life...
12 a clock and not even a phonecall...

Περαστική Νότα
03.06.2003, 19:33
Άντε αφού το θέλετε!!!
Θεία φώτιση:Aunt Light
Θεία Κοινωνία:Aunt Society

Και κάτι άλλο.Σε μία άσκηση αγγλικών, είχε την πρόταση "As the years pass, the wooden sticks tend to rot", να την εκφρασουμε με κάποιο είδος υποθετικού λόγου. Μετά από ώρες σκέψης, έγραψα: "If the wooden sticks didn't tend to rot, the years wouldn't pass"

Και ένα τραγουδάκι για να κλείσω:

I turn my backs to the future,
the future which you build any way you want,
Once that history belongs to you,
Sweep it at last if you insist.

Και το ρεφραίν:

I stay alone in my present,
to save anything if it can be saved,
And let me face the consequences of the law,
you won't have me partner in the murder.

Περαστική Νότα
07.06.2003, 20:55
Masaei h katsika tarama?-Does the goat chew tharamas?
San ta xionia-Like the snow.
Pername Zwh kai kota-We have life and chicken.
Συγχορδία Μινόρε
08.06.2003, 09:10
1. Rabits with Stonelips (Λαγοί με Πετραχήλια)
2. Do not put out even “Kich” (Μην βγάλεις “κιχ”)
3. It will cost the Cuckoo Nightingale (Θα κοστίσει ο Κούκος Αηδόνι)
4. Will the suitcase go far? (Θα πάει μακρυά η βαλίτσα;)
5. Bite your Language! (Δάγκωσε τη Γλώσσα σου!)
Περαστική Νότα
17.01.2004, 19:45
Ας μου επιτραπεί να προσθέσω και τα ακόλουθα:
"She got out of her clothes"- Bγήκε απ' τα ρούχα της
και ...ένα κυπριακό:
"Οther words uncle father" - Άλλα λόγια θκιε παπά!


Αυτά τα διάβασες;