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    01.04.2003, 01:49
    Afierwnw to agaphmeno mou tragoudi toy opoiou oi stixoi kai akornta akolouthoun Wish you were here apo to agaphmeno mou group Pink Floyd Fysika ston Osama Bin Laden gia logous pou den xreiazetai na pw... Filakia Bin!

    :Wish You Were Here}
    {st:by Pink Floyd}

    [G] [C]So, so ya think you can [D]tell,
    Heaven from [Am]hell,
    Blue skies from [G]pain,
    Can you tell a green [D]field
    From a cold steel [C]rail,
    A smile from a [Am]veil?
    Do ya think ya can [G]tell?

    [G] Did they get you to [C]trade,
    Your hero's for [D]ghosts,
    Hot ashes for [Am]trees
    Hot air for a c[G]ool breeze,
    Cold comfort for [D]change,
    Did you exch[C]ange,
    A walk on part in the [Am]war,
    for a lead role in a [G]cage?

    [G] [C]How I wish, how I wish you were [D]here,
    Were just [Am]two lost soles simming in a fish bowl,
    [G] Year after year, [D]
    Running over the same old ground,
    But have we [C]found
    The same old [Am]fears,
    Wish you were [G]here

    [ Το μήνυμα τροποποιήθηκε από:: jorge στις 10-04-2003 20:43 ]
    01.04.2003, 02:47
    Νεκτάριε...το τραγουδι πραγματικά υπέροχο....Οι Pink Floyd είναι ένα από τα σημαντικότερα rock συγκροτήματα όλων των εποχών...
    Στην προκειμένη βέβαια περίπτωση...αν και καταλαβαίνω γιατί το αφιερώνεις στον Osama...ωστόσο ο ρόλος του τελευταίου μάλλον λίγο ύποπτος είναι στην όλη υπόθεση....και δεν ξέρω και κατά πόσο θα "έσωζε" μια κατάσταση αν ήταν εδώ...,όσο βέβαια μπορεί να θεωρηθεί σωτήριο ένα "τρομοκρατικό χτύπημα" ως αντίποινα....Ίσως να ικανοποιούσε το μένος όλων εμάς, που είμαστε, για την ώρα, οι θεατές στο έργο και ζητάμε ώρες ώρες έντονα την κάθαρση...Κι αυτό όμως θα ήταν πλασματικό, γιατί η απώλεια ανθρώπινων ζωών και μάλιστα με τόσο βίαιο και τρομακτικό τρόπο δύσκολα γίνεται μέσο κάθαρσης ψυχικής...

    Πάντως σίγουρα ένα κοινό στοιχείο που υπάρχει ανάμεσα στον Barrett - στον οποίο και είναι αφιερωμένο το τραγουδι - και τον Osama και που θα δικαιολογούσε την αφιέρωση ...είναι η "πνευματική ανισορροπία" - παρότι βέβαια η πνευματική ανισορροπία του πρώτου δεν εβλαψε...αλλά αντιθέτως ωφέλησε τον κόσμο
    01.04.2003, 10:31
    Epeidh mou edwses empneush me tous Pink Floyd kai epeidh exw kai mia porwsh mazi tous... Afierwnw to Money ston BUSH, efososn einai kai to mono pragma pou ton endiaferei...


    Money, get away
    Get a good job with more pay and you're o.k.
    Money it's a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
    New car, caviar, four star daydream
    Think I'll buy me a football team

    Money get back
    I'm all right jack keep your hands off of my stack
    Money it's a hit
    But don't give me that do goody good bullshit
    I'm in the hi-fidelity first class travelling set
    And I think I need a Lear jet

    Money it's a crime
    Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie
    Money so they say
    01.04.2003, 14:47
    Alindaki....μαζί σου...!!!
    01.04.2003, 23:54

    In your plane in the blue sky
    You roam again
    Words that echo in your mind
    Make your heart beat faster
    This is no Vietnam
    We will win in Iran

    The Captain said kill or die
    Islam be damned
    Make your last stand
    In Tehran

    Warrior, the time bombs
    About to go
    What will you feel
    Will you even wonder
    If the man that's in your sights
    Ever kissed his girl goodbye

    The President said let it ride
    Islam be damned
    Make your last stand
    In Tehran

    Great Satan
    Our flags our burning

    Soon America may find
    Its young men in the sand
    Where there casualty
    Is just a number
    In Iran

    The President said let it ride
    You will be damned
    Make your last stand
    In Tehran Kill The President

    In a world without leaders
    Who'd start all the wars?
    The world that you're saving
    Will always be yours

    Kill the President
    Listen to the voice of reason
    Unify with that single line
    Stop the man with the power
    Of the government
    A leader's not the center
    Of democracy

    In a world without leaders
    Who'd make people starve?
    The world that we're saving
    Will always be ours

    Everyone says
    Well maybe I'll make a difference
    Thinking they've got plenty of time
    But you're squeezed
    A little tighter everyday
    Punished before you can commit a crime

    In a world without leaders
    Who'd start all the wars?
    The world that you're saving
    Will always be yours

    Kill the President
    Listen to the voice of reason
    Unify with that single line
    Stop the man with the power
    Of the goverment
    A leader's not the center
    Of democracy

    All of your enemies
    Come from within
    But you lash out so
    It is seen
    Like some frightened child
    In an angry world
    Or the fall of Rome
    Your demise comes
    From your own hands

    In a world without leaders
    Who'd start all the wars?
    The world that you're saving
    Will always be yours

    In a world without leaders
    We might have a chance
    But we'll never see it
    As long as there's

    Jennifer Lost The War

    Jennifer lost the war today
    You'll find her burned and raped
    Through it all
    She must have wondered
    What have I done
    But nobody really cares today
    The world's a busy place
    Guess she must have really sinned

    I guess we're all just soldiers
    She was only six years old
    Left to die by strangers
    Her family waits
    And if we're all just soldiers
    Is it so wrong to be afraid

    Phoebe lost the war today
    There must be some mistake
    Say it happens all the time
    And it's said and done
    And Little Miss 1565 Your soul remains unclaimed
    Guess you must have really sinned

    Morality won't help her
    When she lies silent in a morgue
    And all our sorrows just don't count at all
    But will the morning headlines
    Even say that it's a shame
    What are we headin' for

    Seen it all before
    Silent on the ground
    As he's walking away
    And I wonder how many more
    Everybody takes it
    Like it's nothing at all
    Jennifer lost the war

    Out On Patrol

    Look at my soldier boy now
    With that big gun in your little hand
    As you patrol this foreign land
    Hear the mine that clicks beneath your feet

    Now do you see the light
    Fading while your world is crumbling
    Out on patrol
    And all you can do is sit and stare
    What revelation have you now
    What culmination to your speck of life
    Your moment in time

    As you sit here all alone
    Will your buddies come and save your life
    But as the enemy appears
    See your life flash before your eyes

    apo to kai kalitero disko twn offspring...
    kali akroasi mr president!

    02.04.2003, 00:36
    polu swstoi oi stixoi Deus, to tragoudi den to exw akousei wstoso!!!
    03.04.2003, 01:15
    4 tragoudia einai
    ta exw kolisei ligo,sorry
    einai to tehran,kill the president,jenifer lost the war k out on petrol
    olos o diskos vasika exei antipolemikous stixous kai
    einai afierwmeno kata tou protou polemou ston kolpo...

    [ Το μήνυμα τροποποιήθηκε από:: dEUS στις 03-04-2003 01:16 ]
    06.04.2003, 23:58
    Egw thelw na afierwsw se olous ekeinous tous anthrwpous Amerikanous,Agglous,Irakinous pou paleyoun gia thn zwh tous kai gia tis axies tous...opoies kai na einai 'Brothers in Arm - Dire Straits'

    Brothers in Arms (1985)

    These mist covered mountains
    Are a home now for me
    But my home is the lowlands
    And always will be
    Some day you'll return to
    Your valleys and your farms
    And you'll no longer burn
    To be brothers in arm

    Through these Fields of destruction
    Baptism of fire
    I've watched all your suffering
    As the battles raged higher
    And though they did hurt me so bad
    In the fear and alarm
    You did not desert me
    My brothers in arms

    There's so many different worlds
    So many different suns
    And we have just one world
    But we live in different ones

    Now the sun's gone to hell
    And the moon's riding high
    Let me bid you farewell
    Every man has to die
    But it's written in the starlight
    And every line on your palm
    We're fools to make war
    On our brothers in arms