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    “Holland’s very own Roadburn Festival has become Europe’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that push the boundaries of music”Terrorizer

    Roadburn is thrilled to report that doom supergroup Shrinebuilder will be part of the 2011 Roadburn Festival lineup. Originally scheduled to perform at this years Roadburn festival in April 2010, Shrinebuilder ended up stuck in New York due to logistic complications arising from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Shrinebuilder is now scheduled to play on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

    Roadburn is also extremely happy to announce that the legendary Canadian avant-Metal quartet VoiVod will be performing two separate shows at Roadburn 2011 (one at the Midi Theater on Friday, April 15th, and one in the 013 venue on Saturday, April 16th). The band have the core line-up of Away, Snake and Blacky, and guitarist Daniel Mongrain who has done an exceptional job filling in for the late, great Piggy. Both shows will be different, so that diehards can look forward to two full sets.

    Roadburn Festival 2011

    Vancouver riff-machine Black Mountain will headline this years Afterburner event on Sunday, April 17th, 013, Tilburg, Holland. This means that we’ll be using Roadburn‘s main stage for the Afterburner as well. In fact, we can’t think of a better place than 013 venue’s large sized, sloping auditorium to witness Black Mountain, and Rock out to their classic psychedelic Rock. Also confirmed for this years Afterburner are Blood Farmers, Dead Meadow, Black Pyramid, Dragontears and Gomer Pyle amongst others. Three more bands TBA.

    Doom Metal giants Yob will be playing their seminal album, The Unreal Never Lived, in it’s entirety at Roadburn 2011, on Saturday, April 16th, Midi Theatre, Tilburg, Holland.

    American Doom Legends Blood Farmers, along with Dead Meadow, Dragontears, Gomer Pyle and Black Pyramid, To Play Roadburn 2011 Afterburner.

    Rwake added to Roadburn Festival 2011 Line up.

    More bands announced for Roadburn 2011: Master Musicians of Bukkake, Imaad Wasif and Ludicra.

    The 2011 Roadburn Festival features an extremely special performance by sludge / stoner legends Buzzov*en, set for Thursday, April 14th at the 013 venue, Tilburg, HollandWeedeater‘s Roadburn appearance is set for Saturday, April 16th.

    Roadburn Festival

    Thursday, April 14th
    more details...

    (performing Streetcleaner in its entirety, and in track order, including the Tiny Tears EP)
    Soilent Green

    Acid King
    Blood Ceremony
    The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

    Count Raven
    Year of no Light
    The Atomic Bitchwax
    + 1 more band TBA

    In Solitude
    Quest For Fire
    Carlton Melton

    Friday, April 15th – Sunn O)))’s Curated Event at the 013 venue
    more details...

    Sunn O)))

    Friday, April 15th – Roadburn Festival – Midi Theatre
    more details...

    Incredible Hog
    Pharaoh Overlord
    Place of Skulls
    Year of no Light
    (live soundtrack to CT Dreyer’s horror masterpiece Vampyr)
    +1 more band TBA

    Saturday, April 16th
    more details...

    (celebrating 25 years of doom, including “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” in its entirety; featuring original vocalist Johan Lδngquist)

    (performing The Unreal Never Lives in its entirety)
    Master Musicians of Bukkake

    The Gates of Slumber
    White Hills
    +1 more band tba

    Lonely Kamel
    Wolf People
    Stone Axe
    Imaad Wasif

    Sunday, April 17th – Roadburn Afterburner – 013 Venue

    Black Mountain
    Dead meadow
    Blood Farmers
    Black Pyramid
    Gomer Pyle
    (+3 more bands tba)


    Roadburn Festival

    To all Roadburn acolytes: tickets for Roadburn 2011 will go on sale Saturday, November 27th, 10:00 Central European Time.

    3-day passes will cost € 155 | 4-day passes will cost € 175 | Afterburner tickets will cost € 25
    + services fees
    please note: there will be a 2 ticket limit (per order) for 3-day passes and Afterburner tickets.

    Single day tickets will not be available (except for the additional Afterburner event). Experience shows that an overwhelming majority of people want to enjoy the entire Roadburn Festival experience instead of limiting their visit to Thursday, Friday or Saturday only.

    This year, if you wish to buy your tickets online you will need a valid credit card. The authorized online ticket site is

    We strongly advise against buying your tickets from other (online) ticket services. Counterfeit tickets will not be accepted.

    Attention online buyers: be sure to create your account in advance. That way you can save your information and avoid extra time-consuming Steps when you log on to purchase your tickets when they go on sale on November 27th.

    In the Netherlands, tickets will be sold at the 013 box office, the main post offices, the Free Record Shop, Official Ticket Shops, Sounds Tilburg and VVV Utrecht, Nijmegen, Groningen, Leiden, Eindhoven, Enschede, Breda, Arnhem, Amsterdam and The Hague. Or call the ticket hotline: T 0900 300 12 50 (€ 0.45 per minute)

    Please note: in previous years we have been forced to confiscate tickets that were purchased from an unauthorized sales point. There are dozens of ticket broker sites that are more than happy to offer tickets at inflated Prices, and in many cases they are not even authentic Roadburn tickets. We sincerely regret that we cannot admit you to the festival if you are in possession of what proves to be a counterfeit ticket. Do yourself a favour and purchase your tickets from the official sales points listed above.


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    Transahara is Nomadstribe’s lucid dream of the ideal festival. It has been gaining shape and growing since 2002. We aim to provide our friends and guests with an outstanding event where we can all enjoy music, arts and amazing happenings. More than just a festival, it's a gathering of people bringing into the spectacular Sahara desert their own culture, artistic expression and personal experiences.

    Transahara is a desert journey where your Soul can explore, through dancing and stillness, the seductive silence of the sand dunes, the breathtaking views of the horizon’s infinity, and the endless possibilities of surrealistic encounters with others and itself. Since the beginning, the festival has been driven by the mystical powers of its land and its tribal and magical history.

    Everybody knows or has heard about this event, but only a few have really got a chance to experience it. Here is a chance for you to celebrate life with music, Dance and peace of mind by being part of the Spring 2011 gathering, taking the opportunity to enjoy the Easter holidays in a different way. For this 6th edition, Nomadstribe will set up a high end accommodation camp and crystal clear sound system in an incredible virgin site, where no Soul has ever Danced before.


    This year, the festival will be held in a new secret location camp, in about 1 hour driving distance from MERZOUGA village.

    This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event so we kindly ask you to please be responsible, respect the environment, keep the festival area clean and pleasant to everyone, and take everything out that you brought in. Also please do your best to keep the human impact as low as possible, respecting the natural landscape of the desert. Our goal together is leave only foot prints.

    Main Stage Transahara

    Camp Concept

    Of course we want to provide with the best accommodation possible, the desert can be rough and your safety and comfort is paramour. Besides, in order to have a valid event license in this special place, we have to team up with an accommodation service provider from the region to aid the financial developmental of the area. Erfoud is a patch of the Sahara desert considered a touristic location and the festival area is reserved to tourism.

    Nomadstribe needs to make this event sustainable and use the regions nomad accommodation service providers in order to keep the permit. This inflates the accommodation costs but brings you state of the art desert accommodation, the perfect final touch to add to the experience. Nomads Tribe does not profit from the accommodation services, which are served by a local provider as explained bellow...

    4 Days of Camping in the Desert
    4 Days of Music & Expression
    Unique Venue In the Desert, Showing Different Sides of The Sahara
    Accommodation in Traditional Nomad Tents*
    Restaurants & Bars*
    Fresh Fruit Bar & Chaishops *
    Moroccan & International Market Area *
    Organic Products (from food to shampoos and soaps) *
    24-Hour First Aid
    24-Hour Security
    Great Number of Showers
    Great Number of Toilets (24-hour Cleaning and Maintenance)
    Refreshing Water Sprays on the Dance-floor
    Transfer from Marrakesh, Casablanca and Merzouga Village by 4x4*

    *(to be charge in extra)

    Main Stage Transahara


    Our artistic and cultural concept is an ambitious one. Our long-run goal is to set the scenario for a very unique and enriching experience through musical, visual and cultural connections.

    This year, the festival’s artistic concept is to define our participants as a tribe lost but gathered in a non-linear time and space. Transahara’s visual environment will therefore reflect a retro-futuristic outlook fuelled by the classic concept of post apocalyptic tribal sceneries, and the outer space dreams of futuristic intergalactic civilizations. Mad Max meets Star Gate, nothing more, nothing less.

    Transahara 2011 is the place where the past can meet the future because… NOWHERE IS HERE !

    As far as music goes, Transahara is a very eclectic festival and it's embedded in the electronic music culture. Our cultural concept is tightly connected with both ancient and new styles and branches of underground and alternative electronic music. Not a genre exclusive event, in Transahara you will be able to enjoy great musicians from different walks of music. Of course our main focus is to celebrate cultural intertwining and get the most out of this deserted melting-pot. Be prepared to listen to some of the best Psychedelic trance, Full On, Progressive Trance, Minimal Techno, Chill Out &Ambient and a few other in-betweens.


    - 3D Vision Records - France
    AJJA - Peak Records - Swizerland
    ARGONAUTES - – Switzerland
    CHRISTOF – iBZ Recordings – Ibiza
    EARTHLING – Neurobiotic Rec – Spain
    FLIPFLOP - Alchemy Records – UK
    HEMY-SYNC – Nano Records - UK
    JOHNSON (Fusi & Johnson, Johnson & Haske) - Plusquam Rec - Germany
    JOHN MONKMAN - UltraDelux Records – UK
    MAELSTROM - Iboga Records – Denmark
    MONOXCIDE- Microbiotic Rec, Krinimal - Ibiza PSYBERPUNK - Shaman Electro Rec – Free Alps
    SENSIENT - Zenon Records - Australia
    SPECIES - Ultragroove Records – Serbia
    TOUCH TONE - Alchemy Records – UK

    – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    ADM – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    ADRENADDICT – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    AJJA LEU - Peak Records - Swizerland
    AKI - Ultragroove Records – Serbia
    AMAZON – Peak Records – Switzerland
    AMINE K – Morocco
    ANAKK – Etc , Nomadstribe - France/Morocco
    BILLY CASAZZA- Opulent Temple, Burning Man – USA
    CELLI – Spun Records – Ibiza
    CHUCKY – Attitude Recording – Portugal
    CRISPY DJ – Alchemy Records – UK
    DALA - Nano Rec - South Africa
    DEEPR – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    DIALI – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    DIEGO COELHO – Microbiotic Records – Brazil
    DIGOA – Alchemy Rec – Brazil
    DOVLA - Flow, Interchill – Croatia
    DRISS – Hadra Records – France
    EDOARDO – Neurobiotic Rec – Italy
    EDOARDO MAVARSO – Microbiotic Records– UK
    EMOK- Iboga Records – Denmark
    FLORIAN MSK - Subvision Records, 64HZ - Canada
    GARO - Etnicanet Rec - Italy
    GORNI - Nomadstribe - Morocco
    HORAM – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    I-MIKE - Greece
    JAZZMINE - blue hour sounds - Italy
    KALI G - Nomadstribe - Spain
    LIQUID ROSS - Liquid Rec – UK
    MAPUSA MAPUSA - Blue Tune Rec - Germany
    MARTA DLM - Alchemy Rec/Magnolia - Brazil
    MAT THC - Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival – Canada
    OTEZUKA - StereOrganic – France
    OTKUN – Atomes, Nomadstribe - Morocco
    PENA - Flow Records - Portugal
    PHOBOS - Looney Moon Records - Italy
    PSYBERPUNK - Shaman Electro Rec – Free Alps
    PSYMO – Morocco
    SALLY DOOLALLY – Plastik Park Records – Germany
    SENSIENT - Zenon Records - Australia
    STEVE O – Gaian Mind - USA
    TENZIN- Attitude Recording, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival – Canada
    TINKERBELL – Nomadstribe – Morocco
    U-ONE - BEEF, Chameleon - Australia
    YANN – Ultragroove Records, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival - Canada
    YOUNG KIM (aka Arkanoydz) - Etnicanet Rec - Korea

    Tickets Infos

    Find all entrance Tickets infos here:
    You can reserve your Transahara ticket, and payment can be made immediately or later. click here to make a reservation: http://www.nomadstri...makereservation

    By reserving your place now, you guarantee admission, as tickets will be limited and once sold out, there will not be the option for further admissions. You will receive an automatic confirmation with all details of your purchase and plan of action regarding travel and arrival to the festival.



    23.11.2010, 17:10

    Accoustic Festival

    The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2011 May Fest returns to Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire on May 20 - 21 - 22 for its 3 day music event with camping, which has developed into a prestigious and relaxed family occasion for all generations.

    Cerys Matthews and Hayseed Dixie have been announced for Friday night & Fairport Convention & Quill for Sunday.

    After a few years gap Hazel O'Connor returns to our festival with her new all female band The Bluja Project along with last years most talked about bands, The Peace Artists, Ghost Trains and The Re-entrants are back by public demand.

    One of Europes top tribute acts T-REXTASY have also confirmed an unplugged show, and Celtic Rockers 7 Little Sisters from Nottingham and Shamus Oblivion are the first midlands acts secured. A guitar theme is to run through the festival which will include such craftsmen as AZIZ, Johnny Dickinson, Rick Payne, The Ian Parker Trio, Guy Mail, Steve Picken, Jack Blackman & Sicknote Steve.

    Latest additions include The Troubadors, Elbow Jane, Radio Mary, Roosevelt Bandwagon & Chris Ricketts & Mark Willshire.

    Earlybird Tickets Now on Sale
    First 500 Weekend Camping Tickets @ 2008 Prices
    Only £75.
    Caravans & Camper Vans FREE
    Buy before the V.A.T. increase
    on Jan. 1st 2011


    The Acoustic Festival of Britain is a 3 Day music festival with camping and an eclectic programme of Unplugged and Acoustic music from the genres of Folk, Roots, Celtic, Blues, Pop, Rock, Ska, Burlesque and much more.

    One major attraction to this event over the past 4 years has been the thought behind on site facilities, the provision of flushing loos, wash hand basins and hot showers. A most refreshing change to what is usually associated with festivals!. Such thoughts have encouraged generations who once frequented festivals and carnivals in their earlier years back as attendees. You're never too old !!

    4 stages of entertainment and dozens of crafts and food tents together with a huge real ale tent over 200ft long, with a stage powered by bicycles, so if you want a bit of excersise at the festival, hop on board and help power the stage.

    Childrens entertainments and professional soccer coaches from a championship team feature over the weekend too.


    Uttoxeter Racecourse.
    Ideally located in Central England, set in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside the olde worlde Racecourse boasts stunning views and easy access on the A50 trunk road linking the M1 and M6. Uttoxeter Railway Station is conveniently situated and is just a 1 minute walk away.

    A great family event, with Craft Stalls & Displays, Juggling Schools, Drumming & Guitar Workshops,Soccer Workshops, Yoga Classes, Pixies, Dragons, Story Telling, Comedy. Tribal Dancing, Belly Dancing, Morris Dancing, Face Painting & Stilt Walkers.


    23.11.2010, 17:12


    MetalFEST 2011 – AMON AMARTH and AMORPHIS confirmed + X-Mas offer

    Since we had the pleasure to announce legendary WINTERSUN being a part of MetalFEST 2011 two days ago, we do now have even more good news. In fact, two absolute killer bands will be playing as well AMON AMARTH and AMORPHIS

    AMON AMARTH are among the real big players in Viking Death Metal and have brought the heavy stuff even directly into the Mainstream charts! Sold out venues, loads and loads of fans all over the globe – drunken headbanging along to AMON΄s Metal sound is for sure!  Raise your horns and beer mugs, cheers to AMON AMARTH hailing from Sweden!

    The next highlight again comes right out of Finland – AMORPHIS! Since Tomi Joutsen joined the band, the only way for them has been up! A very intense and amazing mix from harsh death-growls, beautiful clean vocals and mindblowingly nice melodies; no other band sounds as epic, melodic and heavy at the same time, and no other band has such a standing within the Metal scene than AMORPHIS. With Joutsen, who joined the band for their album „Eclipse“, they released three studio albums, one outstanding DVD-package and some sort of best-of CD featuring the best songs from the past 20 years. AMORPHIS are in the form of their lives and have never been better, especially live on stage!

    Amon Amarth Amorphis

    So, at which festival will you definitely raise your horns and drink your beers? Right on, at the MetalFEST 2011! So long until next week, when we announce the next band for you Metal-Fanatics out there!

    So far, these bands have been confirmed to play next year:
    Cradle of Filth

    ARKONA ***Album-Release Show***
    (Austria only!)
    NEAERA (Austria only!)


    MetalFEST GERMANY again will take place at airport Dessau, MetalFEST AUSTRIA will happen in Mining am Inn and MetalFEST SWITZERLAND in Z7 in Pratteln, all at the same time from May 27 – 29, 2011.

    Order the limited „MetalFEST X-MAS PACK“ for only 59,00 Euros including ticket, shirt, patch, flag and carsticker! Only valid until December 24th!

    Buy your X-MAS Pack right here!

    Tickets for MetalFEST Switzerland are available for 133.50 CHF incl. fee and camping!

    IN Metal WE TRUST – MetalFEST 2011


    23.11.2010, 17:15



    With the cold dark weather around us and the festive season around the corner, August 2011 may seem like a long way off, but BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR have just announced another two exclusive festival appearances in addition to the five already on offer. NWOBHM heroes ANGEL WITCH make their BLOODSTOCK debut on the SOPHIE this year. A name synonymous with the British Metal scene in the 1980’s, ANGEL WITCH achieved legendary cult status that decade, with their legacy continuing long after their demise, having become highly influential, with Metallica even citing them as a major influence.

    With interest in the band revived after the release of 2000’s “Resurrection” compilation, ANGEL WITCH are now back on the scene, and continue to make waves with high profile support slots, and their eponymous song “Angel Witch” being featured on the Brόtal Legend videogame. Now BLOODSTOCK can capture the magic of the NWOBHM scene with the appearance of one of it’s top names at BOA 2011.

    Another blast from the past - although perhaps not as far back - and also making their BLOODSTOCK debut, comedy Thrashers LAWNMOWER DETH will join ANGELWITCH on the SOPHIE LANCASTER stage. Frontman/loon Qualcast Mutilator expresses his happiness at joining the BOA 2011 line up:

    "How chuffed are we to be playing Bloodstock! The forums have been predicting this for several years, who says we don't listen. Well frankly we don't, I thought we were playing Woodstock, but hey, it’s a field, its full of Metal, good enough for us. Bring on the party."

    With classic such as “Weeble’s Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down”, “Can I Cultivate Your Groinal Garden” and “Satan’s Trampoline”, festival goers are in for a hilariously heavy treat, and possibly the first KIM WILDE cover in the festival’s history should they decide to unleash their only single “Kids In America”.

    MORBID ANGEL, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, TRIPTYKON, THERION and headliners IMMORTAL are already confirmed for the main stage, so BOA 2011 is set to be an unmissable event. What's more, early bird tickets are on sale now at the Price of just £90 - rolled back from £99.95 - up to 15th December 2010 and are available from - get yours before this special offer runs out!




    With five exclusive appearances already locked down for BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR’s 2011 event, the UK’s only true Metal festival shows no sign of slowing down for XMAS with the revelation of another fantastic addition to next summer’s line up. Swedish symphonic superstars THERION will bring their spectacular show to Catton Hall for their only UK appearance of 2011, one which they promise will be memorable:

    "The band is thrilled to get the opportunity to play the Bloodstock and promise they will impact the island unforgettably"

    Founded in 1987, the band have progressed from their Death Metal beginnings to become something truly special. Epic is too small a word to capture THERION’s grandiose output. The first Metal band to utilise an orchestra, genuinely justifying their “symphonic” tag, THERION perfectly blends the best elements of Metal - especially it’s darker, more underground side - and classical, utilising choirs and classical instrumentation to create a musical world that one can find themselves totally lost in.

    With MORBID ANGEL, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, TRIPTYKON and headliners IMMORTAL already confirmed to appear alongside THERION, BOA 2011 is set to be an unmissable event. What's more, early bird tickets are on sale now at the Price of just £90 - rolled back from £99.95 - up to 15th December 2010 and are available from - get yours before this special offer runs out!

    BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2011 12th - 14th AUGUST 2011


    FRI 12th
    Ronnie James Dio Stage

    SAT 13th
    Ronnie James Dio Stage

    SUN 14th
    Ronnie James Dio Stage



    Morbid Angel

    Just over 2 months since Bloodstock’s 10th Anniversary festival, we are pleased to announce another name into the 2011 line up. Floridian death Metal legends MORBID ANGEL will be coming to Catton Hall for the prestigious Sunday Special Guest slot, which they fill with their only UK appearance of 2011.

    Throughout history, only a handful of artists have been able to rise to a truly iconic level within any given genre. MORBID ANGEL are among those select few. Shattering the boundaries of creativity and imagination while evolving with each groundbreaking release throughout their historic career, the band stands alone as a true icon in extreme music, serving as source of countless inspiration to the multitude of fans.

    With the classic core trio of David Vincent, Trey Azagthoth and Pete Sandoval - who are currently preparing a new album for Season Of Mist - MORBID ANGEL are a truly magical musical machine, and this exclusive appearance alongside IMMORTAL, RHAPSODY OF FIRE and TRIPTYKON is one BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR can be very proud of.



    BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR reveals a third name for August’s 2011 Festival next summer. Joining headliners IMMORTAL - who make their UK festival debut at their only UK appearance of 2011 - and special guests RHAPSODY OF FIRE, TRIPTYKON will be coming to Derbyshire for this exclusive festival appearance. Led by Hellhammer/Celtic Frost pioneer TOM G WARRIOR, their avant-garde mix of death, doom and black Metal demands attention, and no matter how brightly the sun may be shining, you can be sure TRIPTYKON will create a suitably gloomy atmosphere with their captivating live show.

    In other news, BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR this month enjoys the honour of it’s first industry award, showing how far the festival has come since it’s birth at Derby Assembly Rooms 2001. On October 7th at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London, BLOODSTOCK received the “Best Festival 15,000 -“ award, for the 10th anniversary event, which saw over 10,000 in attenDance for the first time in the festival’s history. Says Festival Director Rachael Gregory:

    "As an independent family run festival we’re all delighted to win this award and be recognised by the music industry for our efforts. With 10 years behind us already and still so many awesome bands to choose from we’re really excited about what the future holds for Bloodstock and it’s fans. We dedicate this award to all the unsigned Metal bands out there who strive to make a career in an incredibly"



    The Bloodstock team are delighted to announce that Italian symphonic power Metal masters Rhapsody Of Fire have been confirmed for Bloodstock Open Air 2011! This will be the band’s first UK show in over ten years and their ONLY UK SHOW of 2011! Rhapsody Of Fire will perform on Saturday August 13th as special guests to Immortal.

    Rhapsody Of Fire were formed in 1993 by mainman Luca Turilli, first as Thundercross and then Rhapsody before finally changing their name to Rhapsody Of Fire in 2006. They quickly formulated a blend of Metal and classical music which they referred to as ‘film score Metal’ due to its epic, cinematic nature.

    Having established themselves with the early albums Legendary Tales (1997) and Symphony of Enchanted Lands (1998), Rhapsody raced to the forefront of the European power Metal scene with legendary releases such as Dawn of Victory (2000), Rain of a Thousand Flames (2001) and Power of the Dragonflame (2002). 2004’s epic Symphony of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret was notable for featuring narration from film legend Christopher Lee who returned to work with the band once again on 2006’s Triumph or Agony, the first album released following their name change. Triumph or Agony outdid even its predecessor in terms of sheer scale, featuring a live 70 piece orchestra and choir.

    The band’s most recent album The Frozen Tears of Angels was released in April, marking the third chapter of The Dark Secret Saga and providing yet another feast to delight die-hard lovers of epic, power and progressive Metal.

    Rhapsody Of Fire have issued the following statement on their forthcoming Bloodstock appearance:
    “Hail to you, dear brothers and sisters! We are so excited to announce to you that we agreed with our English friends an exclusive presence as special guest for the Bloodstock festival of next year in the UK! It will be our first live appearance ever on that wonderful ground and we are looking forward to playing our greatest songs and to have together a great time in the name of Rhapsody Of Fire’s epic cinematic music. See you soon!”




    BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR solidified it’s position as the UK’s only true Outdoor Metal Festival, enjoying it’s most successful year so far. As well as celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, BLOODSTOCK reached yet another milestone achieving it’s first five figure turn out. Over 11,600 Metalheads descended upon Catton Hall in Derbyshire to see nearly 80 acts, including headliners OPETH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, FEAR FACTORY and TWISTED SISTER, as well as a plethora of other top names in the world of Metal.

    Highlights included a one minute tribute to the legendary RONNIE JAMES DIO - 60 seconds of cheering and horn raising - to christen the main stage, and a very rare performance from Swedish tech-Metal heroes MESHUGGAH on Friday, a highly memorable set from DEVIN TOWNSEND on Saturday, who after contending with having his band’s equipment held up in customs, turned the disaster around to put on an extremely entertaining show, pulling in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend. Sunday saw the first ever UK performance of Death Metal supergroup BLOODBATH, who took the stage covered in bruises, cuts and an assortment of other injuries, as well as GOJIRA’s only UK show of 2010.

    After BLOODBATH’s set, GWAR frontman ODERUS URUNGUS took the stage draw the winner for BLOODSTOCK’s exclusive car raffle, making one lucky attendee’s weekend by handing over the keys to a brand new Toyota Aygo.

    But the real surprise treat came following Death Metal legend’s CANNIBAL CORPSE’s punishingly heavy set, when BLOODSTOCK revealed the first headliners for 2011. The news of IMMORTAL’s only UK show of 2011 via a two-minute trailer on the main stage video screen was welcomed with huge cheers from the BLOODSTOCK crowd, leaving no doubt that the Norwegian Black Metallers’s first ever UK festival performance will be a highly anticipated one.




    Born out of the desire to build a festival the like that had not been seen since the glory days of Donnington's Monsters of Rock, two individuals from totally different backgrounds came together to bring their fellow Metalheads the best Metal festival in the UK, BLOODSTOCK.

    Organisers Paul Gregory and Vince Brotheridge first came together when Paul was looking for someone to build his website. Paul met Vince through a mutual friend and soon it became apparent that although their backgrounds differed, their taste in music didn't. After a succession of meetings they agreed to form Amust4music, the umbrella for all bloodstock. Paul has lived in Derby since he was born, so when he and Vince were looking for a venue for Bloodstock, the Derby Assembly Rooms seemed the ideal solution, surrounded by pubs local eateries and accommodation.

    They have the location they had the name, all they needed now was an identity an image to help establish Bloodstock's roots, this is when Paul had the idea of using some of Derby's folk law, 'The Derby Ram' ( No one knows for sure who first spotted 'the finest ram that ever was fed on hay'. Legend has it that this fabulous, fearsome beast was ten yards tall, had a tail like a bell-rope, and the teeth of a regiment of men. The butcher who finally slaughtered the ram was said to have drowned in its blood ). After Paul painted the first image he decided to give the beast a name, so a competition was held and the name was given, S-tan the name was given by a fan, for fans by fans.

    Bloodstock Bloodstock

    The first headlining band confirmed to play Bloodstock's first show in 2001 was Saxon. This came about as Paul had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of the Band 'Saxon' and their indomitable singer Biff Byford in 1984. He was commissioned to do the artwork for the album and the stage designs, the album was 'Crusader', now a classic in the annals of Rock. Paul has painted ten albums to date for the band and has developed a great friendship with Biff and the boys. Saxon were very supportive of Bloodstock and were happy to Headline the very first one day show, alongside Primal Fear, Glenn Hughes, Blaze, Skyclad, Return To The sabbat and many more.


    * January - Terrorizer - Voted No.3 Biggest Musical Event by the readers for BLOODSTOCK 05. (Behind Download and Wacken).
    * March - National Outdoor Events Association ( NOEA) - Voted No.3 Friendliest Venue for BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR.

    * June - Terrorizer - Bloodstock Goes Outdoors, Press release, link with Wacken.
    * October - Kerrang! 100 best gigs of all time - Bloodstock03 - Voted No.46 .
    * October - Metal Hammer Spotlight - Britain's best independent Metal festival.
    * November - Virtual Festivals Awards 2005 - WINNER for Best New Festival for BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR
    * November - Virtual Festivals Awards 2005 - RUNNER UP for Best Cult Following for BLOODSTOCK 05.

    * April - Powerplay - Voted No.1 Best Gig/Tour by the readers for BLOODSTOCK 03.
    * October - Virtual Festivals Awards 2004 - Nomination for Best Themed Festival for BLOODSTOCK 04.

    * April - Powerplay - Voted No.1 Best Gig/Tour by the readers for BLOODSTOCK 02.

    * April - Powerplay - Voted No.5 Best Gig/Tour by the readers for BLOODSTOCK 01.

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